Investment Management

The act of entrusting the protection of life savings to someone is a significant undertaking. At HCR Wealth Advisors, our team wholeheartedly understands the magnitude of this decision. Our foundation rests upon a multi-disciplinary investment approach, one that deftly combines both strategic and tactical asset allocation to proactively mitigate risk within our clients’ portfolios. This is achieved through the meticulous customization of each portfolio and employing a core-satellite methodology.

Core-Satellite Approach

The Core of the portfolio is built with publicly traded investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. Diversification is important, so we diversify the investments across asset classes, sectors, market caps, and more. Allocation of a portfolio in this broadly diversified manner helps reduce risk, so clients can stay invested for the long run and achieve their ultimate financial goals.

The Satellite portion of our approach consists of non-correlated, “alternative” investments. An alternative investment can be non-correlated to the public stock and bond markets, which helps to further diversify the portfolio. Many of these investments trade in the private markets, which are much bigger today than they have ever been. Private investing offers opportunities for investors to access markets with less volatility and better risk-adjusted returns.

All of the above helps us to provide attractive investment options for our clients, while keeping a sharp focus on managing risk and minimizing volatility.

Core Portfolio

Alternative Investments –

Why Invest in Private Markets?